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Dynamic Solutions For

Dynamic Business

Last updated: Sunday, May 15, 2011 10:46 AM

AlDimna understands that in order to stay competitive in today’smarket your organization needs to have the tools in place to communicate not just internally, but globally as well. We specializein creating the software programs that will allow your organization toexcel in the global market.

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We engineer Your Software

Not all organizations are created equal. AlDimna understands that organizations can be as diverse as their products and personnel. We take the time to determine what needs are required for your organization, and then create solutions based on those specific needs. In other words, you will not get a generic, cookie cutter product like you can purchase off the shelf. Instead, you receive a software package that will be designed specifically for your organization causing operations to run smoothly and effectively.

GoQ8.Net project

GoQ8.Net project aims to provide sub domains of GoQ8.Net with five pages free of charge.more...

AlDimnaOS Project

AlDimnaOS is a server that can be used to run all of your software simply and effectively. With the AlDimna Web Server thatcomes included with the OS you can manage your server from anywhere with an internet connection.

Corporate Package

A corporate website is an informational site that gives your clients the information they need about your company. This can be anything from products offered, jobs completed, or contact information.more...

Why AlDimna?

AlDimna creates software programs that are designed specifically for the needs of your organization. You will not receive a generic software package that is full of “extras” you don’t need. What you will receive is a software package that is designed specifically for the needs of your organization providing you with simple solutions, not complex programs. AlDimna has a proven track record of providing organizations with simple software solutions which have consistently helped to improve the operations of the organization.